Practical Positive attitude

Is Motivation  humbug?  Is it just like drinking fizzy drinks which gives temporary wah feel. What is more permanent is internal inspiration and a continuous motivation to keep the fire on.  Is there a limit for positive thinking? What is a practical positive thinking mean? How do you sustain a positive thinking and attitude? Stories of success. How to go with the tide and win the race? Why positive thinking is difficult ? Why positive thinking should be realistic? Positive thinking and Organization, Positive thinking and positive work force, Positive thinking in target achievement, positive thinking in team building, etc etc

Know the limits while employing positive thinking and slowly enlarge limits with the same positive energy. Cover up the deficiencies and learn to grow as you steadfast believe in self . How easily said- Now how to do it practically? Experiences and solutions to real time problems.

Come, increase your Positivity

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