Knowledge Management - Jugaad Way

The focus of Knowledge management is on doing the right thing  and that requires optimal, relevant knowledge accumulation, assimilation, application, refinement and dissemination of Knowledge. The rapid growth, speed of change, increasing attrition,  globalization and integration and also the rapid growth in IT resources makes it very important for the present and future. How to grasp the intangible? how to capture the tacit knowledge/ how to improvise every time, what we keep doing day in and day out.?  How do you measure KM effectiveness? has the performance improved? How much competitive advantage can KM give? How to make it a holistic initiative across the organization? How critical is KM during weak global economies? How KM impacts profits positively and reduces risks? How to use the Mobile for learning? what are the Indian ways to economically implement KM in organizations? How Indian can you get when we are in a globalized world? How to create a knowledge ecosystem in a jugaad way? some case studies, success stories, pitfalls and tips, learning the Indian way.