innovation eco system

The word Innovation means different things to different people. The common understood meaning is of course"creating something new which is viable". Companies have now mastered quality and the 7 P's, and knowledge of this available almost to all companies or stakeholders.   so these are longer the differentiators as they used to be in the last decade. All companies have almost equal access to  quality, placing, promoting and pricing is also almost same.

So what can really differentiate companies and can create an advantage is the ability to sense the wants of the market and quickly innovate, time and again. This not only requires specialized and diverse skills but also a conducive climate for innovation.  Innovation need not necessarily mean something completely new. A minor change but a sweet and liked change is all that matters in the market.

We will go in to the blah blah of the swots and how urgent the need is for India etc, but would concentrate on what exactly can be an effective practical and viable innovative ecosystem, given the circumstances.

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