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We are a group of mature Intellectuals with vast and varied experience who are well equipped to imbibe in you and your organization, the necessary skills and attitude to achieve your vision. We also have modules to 'create' vision. 
Fifteen minutes training is a new concept we are introducing in 2010. We use technology and help you use technology too, for communication and knowledge gathering. We also offer webinar based training and are in liaison with forums and groups all over the world. If you can move an inch, we can move you a feet. And then you leap, step after step. 

We also do recruiting, for our clientele. 

Our Expertise are in 

  • Innovation. 
  • Gears of selling. 
  • Soft skills. 
  • Balance score card,
  • Strategic Planning
  • Branding
  •  Business Strategy
  • Turn around management
  • Soft skills
  • Competency mapping    
We believe  it is not about getting a standing ovation, but making a lasting impact which is important in trainings and workshops. We carefully choose the content and process for getting more value in the meeting. 

Impact is seldom an event or a single speech. But an insight received at the right time can unlock significant change and reinforce key strategic initiatives. Meetings matter and are part of the answer in making change work. 


We believe  participation, engaged involvement and good presentation are essential for the success of any training session and hence religiously and consciously over work on them. 

We are in constant interaction with various trainers, associations inside and outside India and constantly update ourselves on trends, technology and training methods. We have developed reasonable templates taking in to consideration various success parameters for a training session and hence can accommodate a vast range of topics, as per your requirement. We are now very capable for a delivery of customized training as and when, wherever required. 

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Dec 30, 2009, 4:02 AM