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World's Ist co- inference

posted May 12, 2013, 12:11 PM by Vijay Balaji   [ updated May 12, 2013, 12:16 PM ]

Conferences, conclaves, seminars, coffee meetings, workshops etc have their own plus and minus and most have benefited at least some of the participants in some way or the other.

Is it possible to incorporate some feature of all of the stated above in an one day event so that the plus from each is in it?

Is it possible for the people to engage in such a way that each and everyone contributes in some way and everyone's comfort is guaranteed? 

6 AM to 11 PM - A day to experience and learn comfort management - a day of co inference where a minimum of ten points will be co-infered by a process which will introduce a new concept , a new format and a new beginning.

To quickly get comfortable in moments of discomfort while not losing the seek for further comforts is the mantra for success and growth - inference by experience and discussion 

Comfort management will enable creativity, innovation, decision making , crisis management, conflict resolution , growth etc 

Comfort is not an enemy if managed

Comfort is what we seek and money is one of the providers

Comfort should be sought and managed just like how a child does!

Comfort for long periods will enhance discomfort.

Discomfort for a distant comfort is not always foolishness. 

What is your comfort Quotient? - come discover it and use it to make your life better and more meaningful.